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SE π tube amp 6S2S(6С2С)-G807(Г807)-GM70(ГМ70)GK71(ГК71)

март 27, 2017

This is a Single-Ended, 3 stage, Monoblock, Class A amplifier.

There is a choice of two output valves, the  GM70 or GK71.

This extra design feature has been brought about as a response to our commitment to our customers requests. Audiophiles with various preferences to music styles and presentations now have the option to make a output valve choice and set the switch on the front panel of the Monoblock to the position that selects the GM70 or GK71, it is that simple.

This option received very supportive reviews from our customers and is seen as a very desirable feature..

The amplifier  has been designed to sound neutral with a emphasis on component selection  from leading  brands, specifically placed in the circuit , to achieve a sound as close to a live performance as possible.

The circuit has been designed with zero negative feedback, offering a rarely available realism to the overall listening experience.

The power supply of the mono blocks consists of two separate circuits using valve rectifiers.

The first stage is for 6C2C which works in triode mode.

The second one is for G807 which is a perfect matched driver for GM70 or GK71.

Each monoblock consists of eleven transformers, a selection of them are custom-built to achieve the level of sound quality a product of this quality demands.

In order to meet the highest standards of design and satisfy safety regulations our materials have been manufactured on CNC cutting machines.

Additionally 10mm toughened glass side guards are used, which are easily removed when needed.

The calculated output power is 25W / 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Actual measurement are 21W / 4Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Power supply : 230-235V 50-60Hz
Power input : 2×272 W
Size: 2x(428 x 688 х 536mm)
Weight: 2×58 kg

For further information please contact me by email or phone.
Contact : 5100 Gorna Orqhovica, Bulgaria, phone: +359 883 37 18 40 e-mail: