SE 1.1 tube amp 6S2S (6С2С) – 6P7S (6П7С)

август 17, 2015


Let me introduce you my valve amplifier SE 1.1  6S2S (6С2С) – 6P7S (6П7С).

This beautiful amplifier with a very distinctive sound is a must for every connoisseur. It has been designed for a very wide range of music styles and sounds amazing.
I offer custom built amplifiers. The wooden frame is available in 2 versions – bleached oak and American walnut. I can also do other types from various well selected dried trees.
All wires and passive components are high quality and have been chosen after long hours of listening tests and upon the feedback from our clients. Electrical parts from Pentod LTD  and  Exproject .
The power transformer is made by Bultraf. It has got high parameters which determine its great performance.

Regarding power filtering: It is made with two separate independent „circle.“ NOS Svetlana 5Ц4M a very good  rectifier tube.  For each „circle“ filtration is standard for this type of amplifiers “CLCRCRC”. Тhere are two chokes 6H 150mA. Filtering capacitors: Mundorf, Nichicon, Simens, Roe and ather depending on their purpose.

Output transformers:
The output transformers are made in Bulgaria by me and AudioPlatinium who are one of the best in this sector. High quality, Italian transformer cores.

The input and output terminals are gold-plated and of ordinary quality. I would highly recommend the output terminals manufactured by IK-Audio. They are made very precisely and produce marvelous sound.

The volume control is 24 steps (25 Кohm). Fine and accurate adjustment of the signal in both channels.

The calculated output power is 4,2W / 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Actual measurement are 3,8W / 4Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Power supply transformer : 230-245V 50-60Hz  330W
Power input : 93W
Size: 410x325x195mm
Weight: 15 kg
More parameters and measurements upon purchase.
For further information please contact me by email or phone.
Contact : 5100 Gorna Orqhovica, Bulgaria,       phone:  +359 883 37 18 40     e-mail: momchil87@gmail.com




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