Black Panther – tube amp 6Э5П-Г807

юни 27, 2014

An amplifier made ​​with great desire and a lot of work.
The first stage is 6Э5P a vacuum tube with huge potential and opportunities, and the output tube G807 .

Used entirely and only vacuum tube in construction, even rectifying of high voltages are with tube.

Done everything to achieve the best possible and true sound . All wires are specially selected and passive components are high-level and class.

The input signal is an analog.

The output signal for 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm. They are on separate terminals at the rear of the amplifier.

 Power transformer is made from Bultraf made ​​with high parameters and additional requirements to better performance and results. http://www.bultraf.com/index.php

Regarding power filtering: It is made with two separate independent „circle.“ NOS Svetlana 5Ц4С) a very good  rectifier tube.  For each „circle“ filtration is standard for this type of amplifiers “RCLCRC”.All components are considered to assist and better efficiency of the amplifier. Тhere are two chokes 8H 200mA.
Filtering capacitors: Mundorf, F&T, Simens, Roe and ather depending on their purpose.

Output transformers: 
High quality, Italian, silicon steel sheet  for transformer cores.
Ra = 5K / 4Ohm; 8Ohm
R1 = 270Ohm

Volume control 24steps: One piece 25 Kohm included in the set. https://momchil.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-418

As a whole amplifier is the result of a lot samples and attempt gained over the years.
I offer it with diagrams and measurements in two versions as and sold.

Calculated output power is  7W / 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Measured for the time is near 6,5W / 4Ohm and 8 Ohm.
Power supply: 220-240V 50-60Hz  280W
More parameters and measurements upon purchase.

Prices are much lower than the total cost of the used parts.
For further information please contact me by email or phone.

Contact : 5100 Gorna Orqhovica, Bulgaria,       phone:  +359 883 37 18 40     e-mail: momchil87@gmail.com


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