DIY kit tube amp 6Э5П-ГУ50

ноември 1, 2013

DIY kit, SE class А tube amplifier,  cascade structure with a capacitive connection between the inlet and outlet tube.

The input amplifier is 6Э5П a lamp with a huge potential and opportunities, and the output GU50 (ГУ50). Of course, the amplifier works with the German analogs such as WF SRS552 .

Regarding power: It is made with two separate independent “circle.” NOS Svetlana 5C4S (5Ц4С) a very good  rectifier tube.  For each “circle” filtration is standard for this type of amplifiers “CLCRC”.All components are considered to assist and better efficiency of the amplifier.

Choke – 2x6H – 1500mA  (150 Оhm)

Power transformer is made from Bultraf made ​​with high parameters and additional requirements to better performance and results. http://www.bultraf.com/index.php

Output transformers: 
High quality, Italian, silicon steel sheet for transformer cores.
Ra = 5K / 4Ohm; 8Ohm
R1 = 270Ohm

Sockets: The package for each lamp – 6 pieces.

Lamps: The set  2х 6Э5П , 2х ГУ50 и 2х5ц4с.

Filtering capacitors: Mundorf, F&T, Simens, Nichicon and ather depending on their purpose.

Resistors:  Mills, Kiwame,Tesla and ather depending on their purpose.

Volume control 12 steps: One piece 24 Kohm included in the set. https://momchil.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-417

As a whole amplifier is the result of a lot samples and attempt gained over the years. The output power is close at 5W of channel. Power supply: 230-240V 50-60Hz 250W I offer it with diagrams and parameters .

Contact : 5100 Gorna Orqhovica, Bulgaria,       phone:  +359 883 37 18 40     e-mail: momchil87@gmail.com


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