Volume control 12 and 24 steps

октомври 11, 2013

Volume pot is one of the most important components in the signal path – using a high quality one will give a significant improvement.

In our stepped attenuators we use high quality metal oxide film resistors „TESLA“ TR-161-1%, 0,35W, 500V, ultra low noise /0,1- 1,25uV/V. They benefit from very fine and precise steps thus bringing lots of pleasure using them.

Replacing a potentiometer with a stepped attenuator is one of easiest and noticeable upgrades for any hi fi equipment.

We custom build:

24 stepped silver plated attenuators with resistance of 10, 24 or 50 kohm,

The average size of them is 55/57/6 mm.

12 stepped gold plated attenuator with resistance of 24kohm or 50kohm

The average size is 55/57/6 mm.

I can also make to order – rates are subject to difficulty and materials used.

Contact : 5100 Gorna Orqhovica, Bulgaria,       phone:  +359 883 37 18 40     e-mail: momchil87@gmail.com


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  1. Looks Great!! i want one!

    • I can send you if you want.

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